Brownies & Blondies

Are you all about the gooey centre or the chewy corner piece? Maybe both... ?! Either way, we can guarantee you rich, gooey, chocolatey, brownie goodness!

We take brownies seriously here at Sista Bakes and have, after much time spent in the kitchen, perfected that illusive fudgey brownie texture. 

A box of brownies are the perfect treat or gift and if you can't decide between flavours, feel free to mix and match. 

More brownie flavours coming soon...
 Our website is continually changing, so keep an eye out. In the meantime if there is a particular flavour you're after, just let us know!

Box of 6 - £12  |  Box of 8 - £16  |  Box of 10 - £20  |  Box of 12 - £24


Welcome to the land of chunky New York style cookies. We're talking soft and chewy, packed full of choc chips. 

Thinking of treating your work colleagues? Are you celebrating something special? Or do you just fancy a box of cookies...  we get that too.

Our cookies can be mixed and matched to create your perfect box. Top tip - they're even more delicious served warm... a few seconds in the microwave and happy days!

  Box of 6 - £12  |  Box of 8 - £15 | Box of 10 - £8  |  Box of 20 - £35